WANITA INI DEDAH BAGAIMANA DIA BOLEH MELANCONG  KE 40 BUAH NEGARA DALAM MASA 2TAHUN WALAUPUN BUKAN ORANG KAYA | Impian ramai dari kita adalah untuk melancong ke luar negara. Kalau jutawan boleh la berjalan ke luar negara setiap bulan. Tapi kalau sekadar marhain saja agak sukar jugak nak merialisasikan impian yang besar tu.

Korang pernah tak terfikir, adakah pelancong-pelancong asing yang datang bercuti di negara kita ni jutawan?? Apa pekerjaan sebenar mereka? Kenapa boleh cuti lama dan tinggal disini selama hampir 1-2 minggu? Saya terbaca satu tips yang diberikan oleh wanita yang dikenali sebagai Grace Lee yang bekerja sebagai akauntan.

Tips yang diberikan ni mungkin boleh diguna pakai bagi mereka yang mempunyai impian melancong ke banyak tempat tak kira dalam dan luar negara.

Grace Lee : My husband and I have been to over 40 countries in 2 years. Wouldn’t consider us wealthy but we do travel smart:

pic of us in Santorini in September: €59.98 return ticket each

-Cheapest flights, always. Ryanair, Aer Lingus serves Dublin airport to the rest of Europe well (less than €150 per return ticket is our aim - and sometimes Ryanair starts from €5 one way!). Last year we went from Dublin-Prague, took a train to Poland and then flew to Iceland from Krakow because the flight was only €24.99 from Krakow instead of the hundreds we were seeing from Dublin directly (added bonus of seeing 2 other countries)

-We never do add ons - travel with one backpack each, no seat selection.

-Budget hotels/accommodation - we try to do at least a couple of luxury nights a year somewhere but most of the time we’re in hostels/hotels under €50 a night per room - lots of research on booking dot com, Expedia or Agoda to get the best deal. After all, if you’re on holiday, you’re barely going to be in your hotel, so why bother?

-Food - in Europe, a minimum of €10 per person per meal means at least €60 a day on food. If we can grocery shop, we do. We like to try a lot of different foods so we also don’t mind the cheap restaurants/tucked away hawkers, they’re usually the most authentic even!

-Complete budgeting experience - for example, sometimes walking/public transport is cheaper than renting a car, Airbnb’s are sometimes better than hotel rooms at the same or less price, not taking expensive tours when you can do things yourself, setting a price for things before asking/looking at the price (my husband always asks, “what’s your limit?”), setting daily budgets depending on where we go, visiting more countries in one trip, and just general planning. That’s not to say that we don’t pay for things, we just make sure they’re worth it - hiking glaciers in Iceland, boat tours in the Philippines, trekking in Bali etc. If we can find a way around not having to pay, we will just do it ourselves.

-Off season - sometimes places in the Winter/summer are off season depending on the heat or cold. This means the flights/hotels are cheaper. Another benefit is less crowds.

-Life in general - we save mostly for travelling. We are not excessive spenders (don’t drink much, or smoke, I’m not interested in nails, spray tans, make up or clothes). We are not looking to have a big wedding because we want a better honeymoon and so on. It’s all about priorities and if you can spend €100 on a night out one weekend, that could be a weekend in Edinburgh from Dublin. 🙂 we do a lot of saving and put money aside because we prefer to travel than anything else.

and lastly! Work hard. We both have good jobs with over 20 days of paid time off. Anytime there’s a bank holiday, we will be somewhere. You don’t have to be rich to travel, just be smart about it! 

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