Are you looking for a property for own stay? Perhaps you could take a look at Equine Park before you decide which property to buy. There are many types of unit for you to choose from, ranging from 1 bedroom unit, to 2 bedrooms unit, 3 bedrooms unit and studio unit. A studio unit is a type of property that allows you to do all your eating, living and sleeping in just one room with no barrier walls. A studio unit is a living unit, or a multipurpose room that contains the bedroom, living room and kitchen in just a single open space. You get to perform all the household tasks easily as everything is in one place. But of course, there will have a separate room with a door for the bathroom. This article will guide you through the pros and cons of living in a studio unit


1. Easier to clean

One of the biggest advantages of staying in a studio unit is that cleaning will be a breeze, as compared to staying in a bigger unit. Because studio units are often smaller than a one bedroom unit or a two bedroom unit, there is only very little room or space for clutter, therefore, it is so much easier to clean and maintain its cleanliness. With minimal surface area that you need to vacuum and mop, keeping your studio unit clean is not much of a difficult chore.

2. Less furniture, less spending

As the space is already limited, you would not need that much furniture to further furnish your place. Hence, lesser spending. You get to save quite a bit from spending on furniture. You will only need little essential furniture for your place, such as a table and a bed, and you are good to go. This will give you an opportunity to live with less clutter (rubbish), and you get to become a minimalist. Killing two birds with a stone.

3. Lesser expenses

A smaller space means lower cost of utilities, as there is not much area that needs heating or cooling. Instead of having two air conditioners, one would suffice. Less energy is required. For instance, a floor lamp is sufficient to provide light for the entire space of your studio unit. That being said, your electricity consumption will be generally lower, and your electricity bills will be lower.


1. Limited space

As it is only a studio unit, it definitely is not a good option for any more than two persons. Therefore, couples that plan to expand their family should not go for a studio unit. In addition, some couples prefer to have some alone time although they are staying together. Due to the fact that there is no separation of space between rooms, which also means there is no separation of space for each other, unless one goes to the bathroom. In this case, a studio unit is definitely not suitable for couples that value alone time. A studio unit is more suitable for single adult, or young working adults who prefer staying in a smaller space.

2. Not suitable for socializing 

A studio unit is definitely not suitable for any parties held. A party held in a small studio unit is equivalent to disaster. Your bedroom is your living room, and also your dining room. Imagine the mess that you will end up with after just a meal. Furthermore, your guests might get too comfortable and treat your studio unit as their own, and proceed to sleep on your bed.


Top range studio units could be very expensive, especially those that come with top quality furnished apartment. This will then be an issue for those who plan to rent or student. You will be surprised to find out that the rental cost for a studio unit might be more expensive than those with one bedroom unit or two bedrooms unit. If money is an issue for you, renting a studio unit will not be a feasible option for you to even consider.

In conclusion, a studio unit is more of a perfect choice for students, single adults, someone who have just moved to a new city for a new job, or couples who have just gotten married. If you love the open concept living space, a studio is the right choice for you. However, if you are slightly claustrophobic, you will then need a bigger space, bigger house. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

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  1. kalau bujang atau yg baru kahwin sesuai jgk, tp tulah terlalu terbuka klu nk ada tamu

  2. studio is not suitable for me who has 2 young children

  3. Suka rmh kecik juga.. Penat nk kemas rmah beso hehe

  4. iols suka tengok deko2 studio unit ni..tapi mmg kalau studio unit ni sesuai yang single

  5. kalau bujang ok la kot.. klu ramai x muat ni.. huhuhu. lgpon senang rumah kecik.. sng nk kemas

  6. Nanti dah kerja memang ni rumah idaman pertama hehe. sebab lebih suka rumah kecik dan tinggi hahah. tapi untuk duduk masa bujang jelah haha

  7. If in the city center is better to live in studio unit because its actually cheaper than big unit, if outskirt then get a bigger unit.

  8. Studio unit okla utk mereka yg bujang dan baru kawin.. Baru nak bina hidup.. Senangbtakyah kemas bbanyak2..hehe..

  9. Cantiknye rumah...kemas tersusun jadi tenang bila berada didalam rumah rasa tak mahu keluar. Walau kecik berbaloi beli zaman la ni sewa pon mahal, kalau beli sendiri puas hati lama2 jd milik kita.

  10. nice sharing... thankz diana..

  11. Dulu tertnya tnya juga, macam mana design umah mcm ni. Rupanya ni la keadaan nya. Cntik. Tp kalau ada tetamu tu rsa xsesuai je pula.

  12. A lot of my MM2H friends are living in studio too. Maybe they ald get used to it in their nation.


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