Monday, 18 June 2018


Specializations – A Gift or A Burden:


People of our country has witnessed the transformation in the quality of education from one generation to another. During the 20th century, a person with a graduation degree from any stream with any percentage of aggregate marks was a big deal. Students scoring 60 % would be able to choose any stream and if interested could pursue any college. People from early 20th century were not aware of many of the streams or the subject and were considered fortunate if they have a degree in engineering or a degree from any medical stream. Competition in those days very less and much more easier. But, due to advancement in technology and demand of the market, education system transformed into many folds. People nowadays started for candidates with specialization in an particular stream with a great score rather than any candidate with an average score.


With the transformation in the education system as well the demand, students nowadays are becoming more competitive and are showing a keen interest in pursuing a higher degree like Masters degree, Doctorate of Philosophy, etc. To help students with the perfect college according to their interest and knowledge, many online companies have come up and one of them is which has established a great network across the whole country and feeding the students the correct information about the type of stream and the suitable college to continue with that stream. As the transformation system has been observed in the quality of the education, it has been split up into many small parts so that the student or the potential candidate can capitalize on that particular subject. This can be only done with proper guidance which is being offered by the companies like

As the word Specialization came into play, not only did it increased the competition among the companies or the students but it also increases the competition among the colleges. A survey was done by the students of Chandigarh Group of Colleges, CGC Landran whose report stated that not the only the students, even the parents are showing more interest in upgrading they’re as well as the knowledge of their pupil. For Example, before if a person has a degree of Master in Business Administration with specialization in the branch Marketing, it was enough for the student to get a decent job in a company, but nowadays  Marketing has been broken into further parts and it has been a demand from the recruiters of the company as they are looking for the candidate with more specific knowledge into certain section like Digital Marketing, Visual Merchandising, etc.

This change is not been limited only in the sector of management studies but has also infected other sectors. Delhi's Best btech colleges have been not only increasing the number of seats but have been continuously trying to bring the diversifications in the subjects which will be more limited to a certain part of a subject known as the specilization.


Every transformation has some pros but also comes with some cons. Specialization has many of the disadvantages which effects a lot of people. Increase in the number of courses may have bought many opportunities but it also has to lead to a vast increase in the competition where more than a thousand students compete with each for the single opportunity to excel in their career. Today, scoring more than 90 percent is mandatory for every student, which has not only affected the pattern of studying but also this process has lost the essence of quality education and knowledge which was a priority before.


In today's modern world, being educated is not enough, but having a specialization in a specific subject is more than mandatory. It has become a necessity to survive in this modern competitive world.

Author Name: Rishabh Kumar


  1. zaman sekarang banyak persaingan, susah kalau diri cuma ada ijazah tapi soft skills yang lain hancur

  2. Sekarang dah nampak masyarakat ambil berat untuk menambahkan ilmu dengan mengambil inisiatif mendapatkan pengalaman dan kemahiran internal dam external

  3. kena tingkatkan lg ilmu supaya kita boleh improve skill dan jdkn ia sbgai experience dlm mendalami ilmu. btw, kita ada nmpk 1 kolej kt nilai klo xsilap mmg tuk india.. xsangka india pelajar2 dia cerdik juga kan..

  4. Pelajar hari ini menjadi lebih berdaya saing dan menunjukkan minat yang mendalam dalam mengejar ijazah yang lebih tinggi seperti ijazah Sarjana, Doktor Falsafah, dan sebagainya. Pelajar pun dah pandai pilih kolej yang sempurna mengikut minat dan pengetahuan mereka,

  5. Ada knowledge, soft skill bagus, tambah dgn experience mmg terbaik. Pilih uni yang bagus ni salah satu usaha jugak utk jadi better person.

  6. Yes its true, now a days its not easy to earn a living. Things are becoming more competitive and its good to specialize in certain subject.

  7. Pertama kali dengan pasal ni. Nampak bagus! Memang budak sekarang semakin bijak dna maju ke hadapan. Jadi perlunya mereka pilih tempat pengajian yang sesuai dan tepat untuk improve skills mereka

  8. belajar ni bukan je untuk tambah ilmu tp untuk tambah pengetahuan juga, penganlaman juga penting dlm kerja supaya kita boleh lakukan bermacam-macam kerja


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